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  1. Lots of good stuff on your site
    I am a searcher for truth so I have tried many spiritual paths
    Many of your ideas about the ego vs the spirit lead mind are similiar to a course in miracles which presents a alternative Christian path. I am wondering whether you have studied it or God has led you into a similiar understanding. Do you believe in a God who has no interest in revenge or violence against humans and also animals. Most Christians think killing animals is permitted or desirable and don’t want to live a life similiar to in the garden of eden where Adam and eve named and loved animals and only ate trees and vegetables. I am against war slavery and violence leading to our mother earth’s destruction and cruelty to non humans. Do you think along similiar lines or has The holy spirit convicted you of the need for total love, forgiveness and compassion for all beings


    1. Sir, Don Horrocks, thank you for the complement regarding my site. As to you being a searcher of truth who has tried many paths, let us discuss that. A searcher is on a quest to find something. A person who loses his, or her car keys will search diligently for them until they find them. The quest for their search are their keys. Likewise, when we speak of a search for truth, it is not a search for truth alone, truth reveals, it does not guide you to emptiness. Therefore, when we speak of a search for truth, we speak of finding that path that guides us back into a relationship with the Father. This relationship is the perfected life for man called the Garden of Paradise. Many paths do not lead to this perfection, and the confusion in religion demonstrates so. Yet, one has come who demonstrated a life of having been redeemed unto the Father, and this demonstration was with power. He is our guide, our counselor, the truth that leads us to finding what was lost, our keys, excuse me, Our Heavenly Father. If your quest is for confusion, then by following many paths you shall obtain it, but if you seek the truth that leads back into a relationship with your Heavenly Father, then Yahushua is that truth; and He alone can only say: “I am the way, I am the TRUTH, I am the Life, no man goes unto the Father UNLESS he comes unto the Son.


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