The LORD is my Shepherd. The Ultimate Quest in Life.

The journey unto life...


Father, I pray they are one as we are one. Division and Deception in Christianity.

But those who have built a religion on the teachings of the Savior, are not one. Instead they breed confusion, causing many who are seeking a relationship with the Father, to do so from teachings born from within darkness. "Why do the heathen rage, and the people image a vain thing? The Lord shall have... Continue Reading →


The Salvation Question: Is your SOUL Saved?

  To come to salvation is what your Heavenly Father desires for your soul.  His desire is not for you to be rich, as so many false teachers preach today. Being rich is not a sign of being saved. Nor can being rich purchase a seat in the kingdom of Heaven. Don't get it twisted.... Continue Reading →


Awake, awake, for the time is at hand. Let those who seek to save their souls surrender the reins of life's control to truth, for only truth can set you free. But if darkness (spiritual ignorance) hide the way to truth, how then can the masses now trapped in mental bondage see the path that... Continue Reading →


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